Star Citizen is slowly working its way up to the most expensive game ever made. Currently sitting at number 6, just below Destiny, the game has crowdfunded over 110 million.

Despite being in Alpha, users continue to support the game that has been in development for over 4 years. The original Kickstarter happened in the fall of 2012, with an impressive 2+ million raised.

$10 million of the 110 has been raised in 2016 alone, so the game has raised a little under 5 million a month this year.

The announcement was made back in February that the single player and multi player would be split, and the first episode of Squadron 42 is expected to launch late 2016.

The ‘do everything’ space sim is still expected to launch, but the full date is unconfirmed and at this point, appears to be very far away.

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