A recent connection made with Macronix and financial analysis firm Money-Link shows that Nintendo’s NX might possibly use cartridges for game storage.

Money-Link (thankfully translated by Screen Critics) showed in a recent financial report that Macronix is currently working on a 32GB card. The company, that usually creates SD cards for the 3DS, produces them at capacities at 8GB. Creating a 32GB for the 3DS would be quite the upgrade. As well, the size of the cards are smaller, going from 75nm to 32nm. which means that it is quite unlikely it’ll be used for the 3DS.

Macronix also stated that they expect increased profit projections, an unusual show for the company. Chairman Wu Miin states that a quantity of orders from “an important company, Nintendo, will have critical impact” during the holiday season.

The order is in line with a patent filed by Nintendo just last year. In it, the patent implied that the company’s next console would move away from disc-based media. The rumors flying around will most likely stay rumors for a while, since Nintendo announced that they won’t be presenting anything about the NX at E3 this year.

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