With Battlefront just around the corner EA have been discussing how they feel the game is going to draw in more than just the shooter audience. Andrew Wilson, EA CEO, has mentioned that he feels Battlefront can appeal to both lapsed gamers and younger gamers. The soon to be released shooter was the subject of much talk as part of the company’s latest earning report.

“Anecdotally, what we have seen is that Star Wars Battlefront is bringing in two groups that are very important groups to us, One are gamers that have lapsed, traditionally who have been big gamers in the past and maybe haven’t played for a while, and Battlefront’s beta has certainly been a catalyst for those people to come back into the gaming universe as it relates to console. And two, onboarding a new younger age demographic.”

With the games beta being played by a whopping 9 million players Wilson was asked whether there is a crossover between this number and those who played the Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline betas. He seemed to agree there was going to be some degree of crossover but insisted that the new game would also bring in newer players.

“We’re very energized by the opportunity to bring in, one, that lapsed gaming group, as well as adding a new younger demographic going forward,” said Wilson. “And remember that this is a title, a shooter title, that will be more appropriate for younger players than maybe some other shooter titles in the market.”

EA have also stated that the pre-orders for the game are “excellent”, with the game expecting to ship a huge 13 million copies before the end of EA’s fiscal year. This number was initially somewhat lower but with the aforementioned popularity of the beta EA thought it best to increase the amount.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available November 17th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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