While this generation of video games certainly has a lot to offer, almost anyone can tell you who the real winner of the console wars is right now. Sony and the PlayStation 4 have dominated the market with a vast library of games and great hardware.

Sony’s fiscal year ended March 31st and they have released the financial results of this time period. The numbers are astonishing. They have sold over 40 million PlayStation 4’s. They also achieved an 11.7 percent revenue gaining, leading up to 12.4 billion dollars. The net income of the company was at a fantastic 1.06 billion dollars as well. If you are a consumer and helped put these numbers up, I’m sure Sony is very grateful.

With E3 just around the corner, who knows what great new features and software will come in the PlayStation world. Don’t forget, we are also a few short months away from the next VR from Sony. Their future looks as bright as ever.

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