For those who are going to play Pokemon Sun and Moon, do you want the full challenge of the game, every step of the way? Would you rather have a more fun and relaxed experience, catching everything you find and not having to worry about being stuck in a town for days? There is a solution for you.

An official collector’s edition strategy guide will launch at the same time as Pokemon Sun and Moon this holiday season. There is both a paperback edition selling for $24.99 and a hardcover edition at $39.99. They each contain a walkthrough for both Sun and Moon, as well as secret Pokemon locations, list of items, list of moves, and a pullout map of the Alola region. Besides the covers, the only known difference between the two is “bonus content” in the hardcover version that has to be detailed.

You can preorder the official strategy guide now on Amazon. Pokemon Sun and Moon, will launch on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS.

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