With Mighty No. 9 on its way next month; Keiji Inafune and his team over in comcept USA has already made their next move into the creation of their next big title for their company. With development on Mighty No. 9 winding down, a new Kickstarter has arisen; named “Red Ash – The Indelible Legend”. The game is said to be inspired Mega Man Legends and will contain team members that worked on the original two games in that series.

Currently, the goal is to hit $800,000 USD and the current total as of this post was $145, 818 USD. All of the lore and introductions to the characters and the world can be found on the Kickstarter page.

Right off the bat, the video harolds the return of the names for the main characters: “Beck” and “Call”. Both names that originated from the main characters from Mighty No. 9. However; they won’t be the exact same character, much like how “Mega Man” has different iterations in the different series. Red Ash is described as “an Action adventure game with third person shooter elements”.

Another little feature that’ll coincide with the game will be a parallel anime project based upon the story of Red Ash. The team behind “Red Ash -Macicicada-” will be Studio 4℃. This production ALSO has a Kickstarter for the anime which again follows the same characters but different storyline. This one is trying to hit the $150,000 goal; with stretch goals that unlocks more episodes featuring more ‘stages’ per episode for a full proper season or even a full length feature film if they manage to raise nearly $2.5 million.

Returning back to Red Ash – The Indelible Legend, the game seeks to create a world rich with lore and stories that they can dig into and come back to in future dates. For this end, planning is already underway for the prologue chapter which is titled “The KalKanon Incident”. Further, the stretch goals for this game will involve a more extended prologue with much more content if it gets hit.

To address the pink elephant in the room, there has been controversy following the look and feel of Mighty No. 9. People have been able to see footage of the game during their times at events and online and have then condemned it for not looking as good as they had hoped aesthetically. All I can say is, give the game a try when you can; in events or trying it from a friends house. There’s a reason there are two sides of the coin to the complaints with people loving the game and not feeling at all let down.

I do however have a concern about pushing this Kickstarter so early before the release of Mighty No. 9. With peoples fears from above, it’d be a little bit harder to convince them to not be wary about putting money down for this game; even if it’s essentially going to be Mega Man Legends 3. I hope the team does well and they’ll continue to strive to commit the game to the desires of the community as they did with Mighty No. 9.

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