Many people have been speculating on whether or not Skate 3 will be backwards compatible and to those of you who are waiting for confirmation, here it is.

‘Mister Retr0’ the feedback admin for the Xbox website has posted on the backwards compatibility voting list that Skate 3 is now in progress, accompanied by the standard “This game has been announced as an upcoming title for Xbox One backward compatibility! You can find the whole list of backward compatible games at” response.

With Skate 3 on the way to backwards compatibility it is possible that Skate 4 may be on the way. With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 being one of the worst games released last year, this generation has yet to have a great skating game. It used to be that skating games were among some of the best out there. .

What do you think? Is Skate 3 a game worth making backwards compatible? And would you be up for a Skate 4? Let us know in the comments.

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