The Witcher 3 infinite money exploit has already been dealt with by CD Projekt Red. However, the developers have taken one step further and will punish players who indulged by greeting them with the worst person ever – the tax man.

During the main Hearts of Stone mission, guilty players will be approached by the Deputy Tax Enumerator from the Revenue and Customs department who will want to discuss a “Hides and Pearls Tax.” Mr Tax Man will ask you the below questions:

  • “Have you at any time engaged in the wholesale trade of rawhide in the White Orchard area?”
  • “During the current fiscal year, have you engaged in the acquisition of bivalves with the express intention of selling the pearls therein?”

He will even go to the length as to cite a statute to Geralt, detailing that “whoever purchases goods at an unseemly low price to take advantage of the seller’s ignorance shall be subject to a fine equaling 200 percent of the earnings from any such transaction.” Basically, you can’t escape taxes anywhere nowadays.

Once accused, you can plead guilty to tax evasion and pay a nominal fee, or lie your way past him. It is worth admitting, as he’ll reward honest players with a “Taxpayer in Good Standing” diploma that any upstanding part of the people of Rivia would be proud to display at home.

This is the latest in the string of hilarious changes that Cd Projekt Red added to The Witcher 3, after they implemented the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative” to originally discourage the cow hide exploit that allowed players to stock up with hide to flog to merchants. Meditating near the cows to make them respawn would cause an infinite string of super-powered horned monsters to charge up the path to deal with your cheating hide.