One of the many issues that The Division has been facing is a bug where the UI would overlap on itself creating a double effect similar to having too much to drink. But now it seems Ubisoft has come up with a fix.

Natchai Stappers, community manager at Ubisoft, posted on the Ubisoft forums:

  • Type of bug: Interface
  • Name of the bug: Double UI
  • Description: Users have reported that the UI, can seem to overlap over itself, creating a double effect
  • Is an exploit: No
  • Potential workaround: N/A
  • Current status: Fix has been deployed on PC (1.6Gb) and PS4 (4.5Gb) – Xbox One will follow later

As evidenced by the post, the fix has already been deployed for the PC and PS4 with the Xbox One to follow soon. Also included in the patch is a fix to the ‘mark as junk’ error where items would not mark as junk and another fix included in the update fixes the High Value Targets not being able to reset. This is only one of the handful of new bugs introduced with the recent 1.2 ‘Conflict’ game update.

Ubisoft Massive is aware of all the reported bugs and are in the process of implementing fixes for each. If you want to keep on top of the bug fixes or you want to report a bug head over to the Known Issues & Exploits page to keep informed.

Did you run into this particular bug during your travels in The Division? Let us know in the comments.

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