Despite everything the game has done right, there is no denying The Division has become known for its bugs. With the release of update 1.2, Conflict, unfortunately that is still the case.

While Ubisoft squashed a bug that made players lose their characters on PC, fixing the issue and restoring the characters, there are still other problems facing the game.

Taking to the Ubisoft forums, the developer documented the known bugs that are currently under investigation. These include players being teleported back to a safe house upon opening certain crates, Daily High Value Targets not resetting, a bug causing a doubling of the UI, the Mark as Junk function not working properly, and the One is None talent jamming weapons. All are marked as under investigation, except for the double UI bug, which is listed as having a fix in the works.

Likewise Ubisoft lists a bug allowing players to farm the High Value Targets as having a fix ready.

These new bugs join the previous list of The Division problems Ubisoft is working on, including the now notorious ability to glitch through walls with the ballistic shield and mobile cover skills. According to Ubisoft however, none of the bugs are currently classified as exploits.

Conflict added a new incursion, along with changing how loot drops work throughout the game. What do you think of The Division’s latest update? Have you run into any of these issues? Let us know in the comments.

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