The latest entry into the famous Resident Evil series by developer/publisher Capcom, Umbrella Corps has just dropped a new gameplay trailer taking players back into Raccoon City Police Dept.

While familiar in environment, the gameplay shown is a massive departure for the Resident Evil franchise, choosing to focus more on fast-paced multiplayer more akin to the ill-fated Operation Raccoon City. The trailer showcases the game modes on offer ranging from:

  • Domination – Sounds like your traditional King of The Hill game mode.
  • DNA Hunter – It looks similar to the Kill Confirmed game type where you kill zombies to get DNA
  • Collar War – Melee only
  • Respawn Match – I would assume this is similar to Gears of War 4’s Dodgeball game mode
  • Target Hunter – VIP game mode
  • Collector – Similar to DNA Hunter but you collect from human players, I assume.
  • Protector – Not sure about this one.
  • SP DNA Hunter – This looks like players collect a powerup that turns them into Über zombies and you must kill in that form to score points.

One nice surprise from the trailer is the revelation that single player will be available in the form of “The Experiment.” Whether or not this single player is available offline has not been specified, but here’s hoping it is.

The trailer also showcases a DLC customisation pack called the Upgrade Pack. Showcased in the pack is six skins showing off fan favourites such as Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker and Barry “Jill Sandwich” Burton.

Umbrella Corps will be available for PS4 and PC on June 21st. No plans have been made for an Xbox One version as of yet. How are you feeling about Umbrella Corps? There’s potential in it, but what about the die-hard fans out there? Let us know in the comments.

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