Path of Exile‘s latest update, titled Update 2.3.0, plans on adding a whole bunch of new content, one of which is the Prophecy Challenge.

“Players will encounter Navali, a Karui soothsayer, in each town as they explore Wraeclast in the Prophecy leagues,” developer Grinding Gear Games explains. “Cross her palm with silver and Navali offers a glimpse of the future, divining a Prophecy for the player to fulfill. The prophecies will take players to the farthest reaches of the continent as they strive to achieve their destiny and demonstrate their Path of Exile mastery.”

Along with the Prophecy Challenge, Update 2.3.0 will also introduce some new items, new Divination Cards, five new skills, 40 new challenges, new rewards, and a fourth labyrinth for high-level players. The fourth labyrinth will grant additional Ascendancy class points upon completion.

Update 2.3.0 will go live on June 3rd.

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