The sixth of Blizzard’s Overwatch web comics, ‘Destroyer’ focuses on Torbjörn, the game’s brilliant, bearded engineer. It showcases a solo mission Torbjörn went on during the Omnic Crisis, the robotic war that forms the basis of the game’s backstory.

Sent to Boklovo, the capital of a corrupt, dictator-ruled nation called Kurjistan, Torbjörn comes face-to-face with a massive, city destroying Titan. While he sneaks onto the robotic beast, we find out some interesting facts about everyone’s favorite turret-builder. Specifically, it turns out he designed the Titan.

As Torbjörn gets closer to his goal however, it quickly becomes apparent the Omnic Crisis isn’t quite the clear-cut human vs. robot war we thought it was. Adding more depth and complexity to the backstory, ‘Destroyer’ gives players just one more clue to the unraveling mystery that is Overwatch.

While very little narrative actually appears in the game, beyond characters speaking to each other, Blizzard continues to add to the story outside the game. With comics, animated shorts, and even in-universe news posts on the Overwatch website, there are plenty of puzzle pieces for gamers to play with and sink their teeth into.

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