While it’s unclear if the new character might ever actually be added to the game’s roster, Blizzard is teasing fans with a mysterious sixth founder of Overwatch.

Written from the point of view of Olympia Shaw, a journalist in the Overwatch universe, a new blog post has emerged on the game’s website. Detailing the recent return of former Overwatch operatives to the spotlight (the narrative of the game and the recently released short films) Shaw also talks about the original formation of the organization. Here she lists off the founding members: Morrison (Soldier 76), Reyes (Reaper), Amari (Pharah’s mother), Wilhelm (Reinhart), Lindholm (Torbjörn), and a new character we have never heard of before, named Liao.

Speculation was off and running the moment the blog post went up. Considering every other member is a playable character, or at least connected to a playable character in the case of Pharah’s mother, the chance Liao will pop up in the future is almost guaranteed.

Blizzard has stated in the past that new characters will not only be coming to Overwatch, but will also be free for all players. Liao, a Chinese surname, certainly fits the multi-national cast the game is already working with.

Just before launch, rumors circulated about another new character named Sombra. Given the differences in the ethnicity of the names, it’s unlikely the two are connected.

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