Bungie’s long lasting, massively online multiplayer, shooter Destiny has much of its success dependent on keeping the community happy. This means more content, events, and updates coming at a regular basis. Unfortunately, sometimes issues arise and these things have to either be tweaked or even put on hold for the sake of the players. That is what happened to the latest Iron Banner in Destiny. Now, it has finally returned.

The most recent Iron Banner in the world of Destiny was cancelled due to matchmaking problems and not being able to join games. This was a recurring problem that first struck the game with the Tower of Osiris. A hotfix was released by Bungie only last week to get over this bump in gameplay. It seems it may have actually done the trick. Bungie made a post on Twitter stating that Iron Banner would be back tomorrow, June 28th. Devoted Destiny players will be able to jump right back in to the competition and prepare themselves for what’s to come.

The next full expansion for Destiny, Rise of Iron, will be released in September for Xbox One and PS4. Hopefully, between now and then, Bungie will be able to keep the complications down to a minimum.