Steven Spielberg is adapting the popular science fiction novel, Ready Player One, for the silver screen. When creating a film out of a book, it is very important to get the cast right, as you’ll need great talent to bring these in depth characters to life. And what character is more important than the villain.

It has been reported that Brian Mendelson is in negotiations with Spielberg to play Noaln Sorrento, the main antagonist of Ready Player One. Anyone who has seen The Dark Knight Rises may recognize Mendelson as Dagget, the dirty business man who helped fund Bane and the League of Shadows. If he should take the role as Sorrento, it wouldn’t be that far off from that character, also dealing with a crooked business man.

Mendelson will also appear in the Star Wars spinoff, Rogue One, which is said to be the most anticipated film of 2016. Ready Player One will not be hitting theaters until 2017.

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