The next game from Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage and the team at Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human puts you in a world of androids. Introducing the second playable character of the game, Connor, Sony showed off the new game with a trailer that breaks down all the possibilities for a given situation.

“The story of Detroit starts with an unexplained incident that begins to affect the Androids. Some disappear without any explanation, others have unexpected behaviors and strangely show signs of emotions. The rumors of ‘deviant’ androids start spreading, but no one seems to know what’s really happening…” David Cage explains in a post on the PlayStation Blog. One such deviant android kidnaps a young girl in the trailer above.

Connor, the investigator, is more analytical that the previously revealed Kara. An advanced prototype assigned to the police force, he has different skills, but he’s also more cold and calculating.

Just like Quantic Dream’s previous title Heavy Rain, you will play multiple characters throughout the game. If you make the wrong decisions however, each of those characters can die. The game will simply continue without them.

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