It appears that developers know just as much about the Nintendo NX as the general populace does.

In an interview with developers, Ready at Dawn and Toys for Bob, EGM learned some disheartening news about third party support on Nintendo’s next console.

When asked whether or not Toys for Bob’s next entry in the Skylanders series would make an appearance on the console, associate creative director Paul Yan states, “We haven’t heard news any from Nintendo, so we don’t have any announcements”.

This is backed up by Lou Studdert, associate producer at Toys for Bob. “I don’t know what [the NX] is,” Studdert says, continuing with, “[Nintendo keeps] a very, very, very, very, very tight lid on everything”.

Developers with Ready at Dawn, the studio behind The Order: 1886, have had the same amount of luck getting details about the NX.

When questioned about the platforms their upcoming game, Deformers, would be launching on, chief creative officer Ru Weerasuriya explains, “The day one plan [for Deformers] is to launch on Xbox [One], PlayStation 4, and PC… What about NX? That’s the thing. Honestly, we are waiting.”

Ready at Dawn confirms that they have not yet received dev kits from Nintendo.

The Nintendo NX is currently slated to launch in March of 2017. The console has had many rumors circulating it of late, but it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything anytime soon, as the console will not be at E3.

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