Dishonored 2 will feature a longer campaign than it’s predecessor with estimates placing the sequel between 12 to 20 hours in length whereas Dishonored 1 was between eight to 12 hours long.

The information surfaced when the co-creative director at Arkane Studios, Harvey Smith, answered a fan enquiry on Twitter, asking, “How long is the Dishonored 2 campaign going to last approximately? Are there side-quests and such?”

Harvey Smith responded saying, “If Dis1 was 8-12 hours for most people, Dis2 is probably 12-20” Couple the length with the added replayability of being able to play as both Corvo and Emily makes Dishonored 2 a meaty looking game, to say the least.

Dishonored 2 also offers other means for players to spend their time, including a new mode called Flesh and Steel. Revealed during the YouTube coverage at this year’s E3, in this mode players are stripped of their magical abilities gifted from the outsider. During the interview, Harvey Smith explained that in order to go down this road players can simply choose to refuse the “gift” the mysterious Outsider presents to them at the game’s beginning. This can be done with both of the game’s protagonists, Corvo and Emily.

Players who opt for this route should remember that you will only have your blade and your traps and your equipment making getting in and out of places much more difficult. Flesh and Steel mode is only for the most tenacious assassins.

Dishonored 2 will release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 11th.

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