The Underground DLC expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division is off to a rocky start after launching this week. According to multiple reports on Twitter, users are experiencing numerous issues with the game, including players unable to find the DLC despite already purchasing it.

The game’s official Twitter account addressed the problem later and said that it was resolved on PC.

If you are experiencing a similar issue on Xbox One with the Season Pass, you may have to unlock Underground through the in-game store. “Click purchase and the game will detect that you own the season pass.” If the Underground‘s location appears offline, players must complete the General Assembly mission and then the Secure Quarantine Center side mission before the DLC unlocks. For any other encountered difficulties, the company recommends contacting their support team. 

Other, now resolved, issues during the expansion’s initial launch include problems with connecting to Uplay on PC, according to Ubisoft Support’s official Twitter account.

Along with the DLC’s release, the game launched its 1.3 update, which brings numerous weapon balancing changes to SMGs and Marksman rifles.

The Underground DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now on Xbox One and PC. The PlayStation 4 will receive the expansion on August 2nd.

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