Developer Sparkypants Studios was busy this E3 showing off their latest title, Dropzone.

President Jason Coleman of Sparkypants Studio took to the stage during the PC Gaming show to release a trailer for the new competitive RTS, which pits players on a 1v1 map.

For those new to the RTS genre, this game might be worth looking into. Each player takes control of pilots, which can be configured before the game ends. The pilots have abilities attached to the Q,W,E buttons, just like in a MOBA based game.

You can take a look at the trailer below.

The game is labeled as an RTS, but has the fast paced tactical combat of a MOBA, all contained in an intense 15 minutes of gameplay. Breaking the mold on the tried and true RTS, it’ll be interesting to see how Dropzone holds up in the long run. Perhaps a new eSport in the making?


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