Not too long ago players of Techland’s Dying Light were able to enjoy some Rocket League themed goodies in the latest DLC, The Following. Psyonix Studios shared info about how some Dying Light themed items would find their way into Rocket League in the not too distant future and we now have some photos for you.

First up is the antenna shown above. It’s in the design of a Hazmat Zombie, the zombies in Dying Light that, when struck, will fly through the air in spectacular fashion and explode. Surprisingly appropriate.

The second cosmetic on offer is a Dying Light themed flag in the distinct art style found on the cover of the case:

Rocket League Dying Light

Both these items will appear in the June update of the game. The update also brings the end of the second competitive season. Players will receive rewards based on their highest rank in the season rather than their current rank.

What do you think of the new items? Do you like them, or were you hoping for the crossover to see something like zombies running around on the pitch as you play? Would you want to see more crossovers like this in other games? Let us know in the comments below.

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