Dynasty Warriors first came into the world in 1997 for the PlayStation. Here, players were treated to an unbelievable feeling of power, as they took out hundreds of opposing enemies without breaking a sweat. The series has spawned numerous sequels since then, including a spin-off set in the land of Hyrule. Where could the series be heading next?

Omega Force, the team behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise, has put out a dark teaser website. While it is mostly in Japanese and barely has anything on it, it does make a strong statement. Shown there is merely the Omega Force title, the date of June 13th, and a single line that roughly translates to “the most brutal title in Warriors history.”

Could this be something we see more of at E3? It is certainly possible considering it is set at the right time. We only have about a week to find out. Check back in with Gamespresso as more information comes about the next brutal Dynasty Warriors.

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