Over the weekend, Dragon Age Executive producer Mark Darruh posed a question as to whether anyone would like to see a Dragon Age Tactics game.

While known specifically for its large, open RPGs, the Dragon Age franchise has dabbled in trying other things over the years. Unfortunately, everything, from the mobile games to sidescrolling browser based games, hasn’t quite hit the mark for fans of the series. Nonetheless, it seems Bioware is still looking for ways to expand the franchise.

Posting the question on Twitter, “Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?” Darruh opened it up to a poll. After over 12,000 votes the results were in:

49%- Yes

22%- No

23%- Only on PC

6%- Only on mobile/handheld

The ‘tactics’ moniker is a call back to games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fallout Tactics. When asked to clarify even further, Durrah elaborated, citing more modern tactical combat titles like the recent XCOM and Fire Emblem games, and even giving a nod to the likes of Valkyria Chronicles. He went on to say it would “have to be cannon,” would be a “full game,” and would “likely” include the full roleplaying, companion, and romance options the series is known for.

To assuage any fears, he also said that if the game ever did happen, it would come along side the franchise’s large RPGs, not in place of them.

The last main entry title in the franchise was Dragon Age Inquisition, a critically applauded success. What do you think of a Dragon Age Tactics game? Let us know in the comments.

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