Ubisoft US released a new trailer for Watch Dogs 2 featuring Marcus Halloway giving viewers a guided tour of his home, San Francisco. The video features clips of Marcus, and his drones, moving through the beautiful city as he describes it through his eyes.

Players get to learn more about the new protagonist for the series, and how he feels about the current atmosphere of his city, something we only got a taste of in his reveal trailer. Welcome to San Francisco shows Marcus in his element, as a modern vigilante and all-around talented young man. He describes himself as, “80s film buff, idealist, hacker.”

When it comes to the exciting Bay Area, colorful Oakland, and the corrupt rich neighborhoods, Marcus has access to it all with the touch of a button. The trailer shows off the beautiful environments in the game through the vehicles: boats, motorcycles, and it even shows Halloway surfing on top of a cop car. Marcus’ description of San Francisco as a playground seems almost perfect. He’s fighting corporations, cops, and even protesting gentrification, using his own means and tools. This updated San Francisco is shown off as a world where a young man with way too much tech knowledge, and access to a large amount of drones, can do just about anything.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 15th.

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