The upcoming mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes is set to release on February 2nd for iOS and Android.

Nintendo of America recently tweeted out the announcement. While gamers have known about the game since last year, Nintendo has only recently provided details on the game and its mechanics.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, gamers will be able to summon classic Fire Emblem characters to use in battle, not unlike other mobile games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Players should expect a wide variety of fan favorite characters, including Marth, Roy, Lucina, Robin, Lyn, and Tiki.

Despite Fire Emblem Heroes’ status as a free mobile game, it still features fantastic production values. Each character comes with several hand-drawn character portraits and is fully voice-acted. Furthermore, many of the main Fire Emblem series’ mechanics will remain intact, including the weapon triangle, leveling, and skill systems. However, since Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile game, it will be restricted in some respects.  For example, the permadeath system will not be included in the game, battles will take place on small 8×6 grids, and players will only be able to take up to four characters into battle.

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