If you have’t been locked in a vault for the past few months you”ll be aware that Fallout 4 is finally almost upon us. The game releases in just a couple of weeks but with people already twitching with excitement a Reddit user has posted an image appearing to be the new Fallout 4 title screen.

Fallout 4’s supposed menu screen is rather minimalistic, not dissimilar to Fallout 3’s, and features a number of options such as continue, new, load, settings and crew. The background contains an unmanned suit of power armour chained up in what looks to be a garage, something featured predominantly in Bethesda’s promotional material for the new RPG.

Obviously numerous people have already started to speculate on what this means in game. One Reddit user suggested that the armour should change dependant on your play style, which ain’t a bad idea at all. In terms of Bethesda’s response to this leak they are currently refusing to comment.

So close to the release of the game we’re bound to see more information beginning to leak. For instance earlier this week the Xbox One controls were leaked for the game revealing new abilities such as sprint and bash.

Fallout 4 releases November 10th PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Those interested can see the image below.


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