This week, YouTube began its brand new network specifically focused on video games, titled YouTube Gaming. While this should be a hit with gamers all around, not everyone is impressed with the idea.

Late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, poked fun at the idea on the latest episode of his show, Jimmy Kimmel tonight. In his bit he stated, “To me, watching another person play video games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you.” That may be a bit of a stretch, but it is an understandable thought. Not everyone can get behind Let’s Plays and other videos of that nature.

It should also be understood that Jimmy Kimmel first and foremost is a comedian, so poking fun of an idea like this is not out of line. Some commenters took Kimmel’s words somewhat personal. One person saying, “You have royally f**ked up. There is no other way to say it.” There are probably many, many, less rude ways to say it. What do you think of Kimmel’s opinion on YouTube Gaming? Also, be sure to check out his parody below.

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