This past week gamers were treated to new announcements, trailers, gameplay demos, and much more. This obviously came from the great convention known as E3. With all of the fantastic news and fun we’ve had the past couple of days, we almost don’t want it to end. Here’s when we will be back at it again.

Before the event even came to an end, it was announced that the following E3 2017 would be June 13th-17th. Once again, it will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but no developers have confirmed or denied their presence yet. It seems that more companies are going the way a straying from the usual press conferences or show floorings, such as Nintendo, EA, and Activision. We will have to wait until next year to find out whether we will see more or less of this trend.

It should be noted, that next’s year’s E3 was heard being referenced as E4. Whether this means anything significant or not is hard to tell at the moment.