Even as the most recent Halo 5 update, Memories of Reach, went live just yesterday, 343 is teasing the next one. Called Hog Wild, we don’t know much about the update, but if the teaser is anything to go by count on some good old-fashioned warthog action.

Coming at the end of a livestream showing off Memories of Reach, the teaser is only a few quick glimpses. We’re treated to a yellow warthog, some new armor, and what looks to be a Battle Rifle with a holographic sight. The update is tentatively scheduled for sometime in June.

Though likely unrelated, many have pointed to a possible connection between Hog Wild, and a new item in Forge: a placable pig. Could Hog Wild involve pig-based warfare? We’ll just have to wait to find out.

Now live, the Memories of Reach update adds a number of new REQ items, a new arena map, and a return of the Infection game mode. Additional changes have been made to matchmaking, matchmaking options, and the post-game reports.

Are you enjoying the continuing stream of free updates to Halo 5? What are you hoping for in Hog Wild? Let us know in the comments.

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