Halo 5: Guardians May update, Memories of Reach, will bring with it extra matchmaking options and post-match statistics.

A full reveal of the May REQs have been posted to Halo Waypoint, including a description of every medal awarded in the new game mode, Infection. The developers are also giving players advanced matchmaking search preferences for Arena and Warzone playlists. You can check out the options below:

  • Balanced (default): Search for a match based on your fireteam’s skill and network connection quality.
  • Expanded: Widen search parameters to find the first available match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality.
  • Focused: Narrow search to find the best match based on your fireteam’s skill and connection. Search times may be longer than normal.

Also coming in the update are post-match statistics, known as the Post Game Carnage Report. After a match, the Player Recap screen will now be accessible, offering a data table with the following stats:

  • All Medals earned from the match, including quantity, medal rarity, and description
  • Tool of Destruction
  • Killed Most (see who each player killed most, and how many times)
  • Killed By (see who each player fell victim to the most, and how many times)
  • Pres LB or RB to view Commendations or Progress from your Recap
  • Press LT or RT to view Recaps of other players from the match

Halo 5: Guardians Memories of Reach will release sometime in May.

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