Killer Instinct has seen some interesting characters in their roster thanks to their partnership with Microsoft with characters such as the Arbiter from Halo and Rash from Battletoads. Get ready to serve the queen in season three as the feared General RAAM swarms his way into the game.

Revealed just after Gears of War 4 took the stage at the Microsoft E3 conference, the teaser trailer doesn’t showcase RAAM’s moves but he does appear with his Kryl shield that he uses to deflect Jago’s Endokuken and then subsequently disembowels him with his knife. Jago never stood a chance. General RAAM is available right now on Windows 10 and Xbox One for free until Sunday 19th.

If you head over to the Killer Instinct website, you can take a look at RAAM’s different colours and his accessories.

Are you ready to play as the great General RAAM? Or is Killer Instinct not your type of game? Let us know in the comments below.

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