While some might be disappointed that there wasn’t a concrete announcement about any of the new Star Wars games EA has in development, we did get a few more details.

During EA Play, the publisher talked about three huge Star Wars games coming down the pipeline. DICE and Motive are teaming together to bring another Battlefront title next year. Not only will it be a fresh take on the game, it will involve content from the newer movies.

Additionally, Visceral, the makers of Dead Space, are working on the long talked about but very secretive new game from Uncharted creator Amy Hennig. A third-person action game that’s reportedly been in development for three years now, the game will feature a new story and new characters. It is due out in 2018.

And finally, EA also talked a little about the Star Wars title coming from Titanfall developer Respawn. Though Titanfall 2 received two whole trailers, one focusing on the single-player and one focusing on multiplayer, very few details came out for Respawn’s game. It will take place in a new era for the series.

What do you think of the new games? All the Star Wars titles coming in the next few years, its likely every player will find a game for them.

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