A continued amount of rumors, speculation and leaks are mounting to support that a sequel to Red Dead Redemption is likely in the works.

This week’s evidence comes from Reddit user Gaudynights who posted his theory regarding why Red Dead Redemption 2 is a thing.

According to his post, the website for developer Rockstar Games was recently taken down, something he claims is often done by a company for the purpose of performing updates. After some investigation of the site after it was brought back up, he discovered two pages that returned error messages different from a standard 404 page, leading him to believe these pages could be a connection to a future reveal or information for a Red Dead sequel due to similarities he claims he found in how the pages were numbered.

If that theory is too far fetched for you, there’s more: a recently discovered screenshot featuring the Red Dead Redemption logo in the bottom corner surfaced that was originally posted by a Rockstar employee. Reddit user KDotMatrix detailed why this particular screenshot is interesting.

“I’d note the chromatic aberration on the poles and other objects in the image, a small point of contention in GTA V.” KDotMatrix wrote. “Chromatic aberration has become increasingly prevalent in modern triple-A games as of late. Here’s a screenshot that shows the effect in the PC version of GTA V. This was also present on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.”

“Some people on GTA forums are saying that this could be a photo from the development of RDR, but chromatic aberration wasn’t present in the game, as it was running on an older version of the RAGE engine. Therefore, this most likely isn’t concept art from that time period.”

What do you think – are you ready for a Red Dead Redemption sequel?

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