Fallout Shelter was the breakaway mobile hit revealed and released at last year’s E3. A year on though, and Bethesda is still supporting the game. Showcased during the publisher’s E3 conference in a video message from Bethesda Head Todd Howard, not only is Fallout shelter getting a massive update in July, it’s also coming to PC.

The trailer (skip to the 2:15 mark) gives players a peak at some of the new additions coming to the game. You will now be able to send your dwellers on quests, there will be new locations to explore, new characters to meet, new enemies to fight, and even a new combat system to master. Simply referred to as the quest update, update 1.6 is set to launch next month.

And for everyone that just got fed up with trying to manage your vault on a phone screen, Fallout Shelter will make its way to PC. As we find out more details about exactly when we can expect each, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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