Watch Dogs 2 made available a 90 minute mission titled “Haum Sweet Haum”, and the best of it you can see for yourself below.

In the gameplay, courtesy of EGM, we find the 44 minutes of pure gameplay (the video mainly cuts loading, objective travel times, and plot-spoiling sections) that come out of this mission. It follows protagonist Marcus as he hacks for Wrench to utterly sabotage home security company Haum. Full disclosure: While EGM was assured the gameplay footage was kosher to host, YouTube had a copyright claim filed on the video, and so muted it. EGM plans to update the video, which they would do in the link above, but for now you can watch some impressive hacking right here (and it has subtitles, so it’s still entirely consumable as-is)!

As with all gameplay, this Watch Dogs 2 highlights the growth the game has had from its predecessor in every way. We’ve discussed other Watch Dogs 2 gameplay at Gamespresso before, and the same points are relevant– Hacking is more varied and interesting, and the addition of so much drone gameplay further serves to mix up the formula; having an omnidirectional security camera on your side is a massive change. However, driving still doesn’t exactly look silky smooth, something that will hopefully be tweaked up until release.

Watch Dogs 2 comes to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 15th.

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