Take it either as an awesome early Christmas present or a celebration of the game’s first year with the anniversary of its release coming up in October, but either way, Evolution, the developer behind Driveclub, has decided to do a little something special for their loyal racers.

Starting this week, and continuing every week up until Christmas, Evolution will be releasing free sprint mode tracks for the PS4 exclusive racer.

Posting on Facebook, the developer added, “We’re also working on a big Driveclub update for next month and Custom lobbies for Multiplayer to launch around the same time…”

The first two tracks, Nigiri Hills in India and Taapaca in Chile can both be seen in the gameplay footage below.

Though originally releasing to severe issues, through numerous updates and free content patches, Driveclub has only improved. Are the free tracks enough to make you jump back in for a couple races? Let us know in the comments.

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