Heroes of the Storm doesn’t have the best history for keeping upcoming characters a secret, with non-English Twitter accounts often leaking screenshots or information ahead of schedule.

According to one Reddit post, however, more characters have been leaked ahead of their suspected announcements at E3’s PC gaming panel. 4chan user Axolotl has been leaking characters prior to Blizzcon, and so far all of his leaks have been accurate.

His most recent one, however, details 4 new characters along with additional skins, mounts, and two new maps. The characters that he has leaked are Gul’dan(Warcraft), Samuro(Warcraft), Auriel(Diablo), and Varian Wrynn(Warcraft). Skins include Volleyball Li-Ming, Mysitc Kingdom Arthas, and Mechalord Gazlowe. The mounts Axolotl claims is coming out are Red Hare, and a Gyrocopter.

Perhaps the most interesting are the maps he proposes are in the works. It has been a long time since Dustin Browder last mentioned Star Craft 2 themed maps, bringing up the idea at past conventions. They might finally be on the way, with Braxias Holdout requiring you to take objectives and send forward a Zerg Swarm, and Warhead Junction forcing you to collect nuclear power items to nuke the other team.

Gul’dan’s release would most likely line up with Legion(August), as the previously proposed “movie release” is being taken by Medivh. Alternatively, they could release the character in July and offer King Varian Wrynn closer to Legion’s launch date.

If you’re interested in looking at the 4chan post yourself, you can find Axolotl’s history here.

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