CD Projekt Red is known for giving players plenty of bang for their buck when it came to the Witcher games. Gwent seems to be no different.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is based on the tavern game found in the Witcher 3, but wastes no time expanding on that foundation. According to Game Informer, though a digital card game at its core, Gwent will feature the competitive play you expect, plus 10-hour single player campaigns for each of the four decks found in the game (Northern Realms, Scoia’tel, Skellige, and Monsters).

In true Witcher fashion, each campaign will feature a branching, fully voice-acted storyline, with characters and events fans have come to love. As players make their way through a world map, choice and consequences will still be present, despite the very different format of the game.

Unlike most digital card games, Gwent doesn’t see players chipping away at an opponent’s health pool. Instead, players are restricted to ten random cards pulled from their decks and must bluff and scheme their way to having the most points on the board in the best out of three rounds.

Gwent will be free-to-play and is receiving a beta on Xbox One and PC this September. It will come to Xbox One, PS4, and PC later this year.

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