The misadventures continue with the release of Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update, aptly named the ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony‘ update. The major additions in this update involve the ability to become the CEO of your very own criminal enterprise. Not only that, but there are some new additions to the old VIP system as well.

As CEO, you’ll benefit from owning your own deluxe office where there is access to a helipad, an assistant, gun locker and an arcade cabinet with a ‘Tron’ like mini game called “Don’t Cross the Line”. The VIP addition is described as the following by Rockstar:

VIP Work

  • Headhunter: Assassinate key targets across the map against the clock.
  • Airfreight: Liberate some valuable cargo from its armed guard and fly it to safety.
  • Haulage: Be the first to deliver a trailer full of tax-exempt merchandise to its wrongful owner.

VIP Challenges

  • Cashing Out: Be the pack leader in the latest wave of ATM fraud to hit the streets of Los Santos.
  • Salvage: Compete to retrieve the most lost cargo from the ocean floor.

Aside from the new mode, there are some new clothing, vehicles and weapons available for a cheaper price including the Carbine, Heavy Shotgun and Body Armor. On the vehicle front, you can now purchase several new cars such as the Pegassi Reaper, HVY Brickade, Vapid FMJ, Buckingham Nimbus and a plethora more which you can check out from the Rockstar update post. Rockstar is continuing to follow through with its GTA Online support, and the latest update is a good push towards this promise.

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