New screenshots have surfaced on the portfolio of a Grand Theft Auto developer that shows off what GTA IV would look like in GTA V.

Fans of GTA IV may be able to recognise the location as Middle Park. The discovery was made by GTA forum users Spider-Vice and BlackScout. The portfolio belongs to Adrian Page who is an artist over at Rockstar Games. The portfolio site was recently taken down, which is most likely a response to the image. Thanks to fans however, you can check out the different pictures below.

The comparison comes curtsy of  GTA forums user WildBrick142.


It’s most likely that these images were created only to demonstrate his abilities or they may even be just a test from GTA V’s development. Analysis of the images showed a lack of 3D modeling in the grass which appeared in the 360 and PS3 version of GTA V. It’s not the first time the idea of GTA IV DLC has been thrown about, but for now fans can only dream.

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