From July through October of this year, the Xbox One has sold more units than the PlayStation 4, but that streak has come to an end. According to the most recent report from the NPD group, the PS4 is back in first place for console sales in the US in the month of November.

A spokesperson at Sony confirmed the news to GameSpot, but declined to offer any details aside from the results of the report. This report follows the recent news that the PS4 has sold more than 50 million units worldwide since its release.

Although the Xbox One didn’t sell the most last month, that doesn’t mean that it’s struggling. GameSpot reports that Xbox marketing VP Mike Nichols said Black Friday sales for Xbox One were high and that they saw “record engagement” among Xbox One owners with Xbox Live, as well as a 40% increase in total online player count compared to last year.

Once per month for the past three months Sony has launched a new piece of hardware. In September they launched the PS4 slim, in October they launched PlayStation VR, and in November they launched the PS4 Pro. Until the PS4 Pro, none of them seemed to help Sony top the sales of the Xbox One. As of now we don’t have the exact numbers on how many PS4s sold in November were Pro models or Standard models, but that information will be released on December 15.

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