A new Mario Party was announced to be headed to Nintendo 3DS on November 4th, 2016.

The new game, titled Mario Party Star Rush, is attempting to take the standard Mario Party formula and transform it into a portable-friendly experience, such as introducing a new gameplay mechanic that allows all players to move at once, rather than waiting for each player to take his or her turn.

When your character moves around the map, you’ll be able to “recruit” characters to act as allies to help you in mini games. Each character also contains unique properties to help you in the game, such as Waluigi’s effect on the dice roll, resulting in a 50 percent chance for a high number, but also a 50 percent chance for having your coins stolen.

Features for Star Rush include:

  • Recruit characters like Toadette, Rosalina, and Wario to team up with and support you in Toad Scramble starring Toads.
  • Choose from multiple boards in different worlds, each with tricky boss battles.
  • Up to four players can simultaneously roll and move freely around a map.
  • Team up with up to four Mushroom Kingdom characters who can help you win by participating in different events.
  • Fully refined for bite-sized portable play, perfect for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.
  • Multiplayer via Local Wireless (additional games and systems required; sold separately) or Download Play (additional systems required; sold separately). For the first time in series history, compatible with multi-card communication.
  • Packed with different modes that everyone can enjoy.

The most recent title in the series to be released on 3DS was Mario Party: Island Tour in 2013.

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