Talesworlds Community Manager, Frank Elliott, took to the stage at E3 to show off Mount & Blade II’s new siege gameplay.

Mount & Blade features action rpg sandbox gameplay. Starting as a regular person, you can become a Lord or a Captain, among other roles. The game itself has a lot to do with politics, allowing players to explore a more unique side of gaming.

Siege gameplay is coming to Mount & Blade II, with the siege featured in the video above. During the siege, about 350 independently moving NPC units are on the players side. For the enemy the number is a bit lower, with roughly 500 NPCs in total.

By sieging nearby establishments, you’ll get more land and more resources coming in as well, making siege an important part of Mount & Blade II.

For the modding community, Mount & Blade II will come with all of the tools you need to continue modding the franchise well into the sequel.

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