Neverwinter, the MMORPG based on the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, previously announced that it would be making the jump to the PlayStation 4. Sony has recently posted an update on the PlayStation Blog, announcing that Neverwinter will be available to play this July 19. If you can’t wait for July 19th however, players can buy a Head Start Pack that will get you into Neverwinter a week early, on July 12, for $19.99 and give you some in-game items including an Onyx weapon pack.

The PS4 version of Neverwinter comes with all nine previously released expansions. Non-PlayStation Plus owners are also eligible for all the content on offer. The best part is that the game is completely free-to-play, players will be able to enjoy the base game plus all nine expansions free of any subscription.

Shortly before this announcement, however, the Neverwinter developers revealed the 10th expansion, Storm King’s Thunder. In Storm King’s Thunder players will be visiting Bryn Shander, the capital of the Icewind Dale setting. Complete with a new campaign with three new adventure zones for high-level characters as well as a new tier of Dungeon, Storm King’s Thunder will release for PC in August 2016 with the PS4 and Xbox One release at a later date.

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