Taking place further along in Peter Parker’s tenure as Spider-Man, Insomniac Games and Marvel are putting together a brand new Spider-Man experience on the PlayStation 4. The arachnid wonder-boy will be weaving his way through city landscapes and inside shops as he fights crime, true to the nature of a typical Spider-Man.

This new Spider-Man will be the first major console release that is not developed or published by Activision in over 20 years (with exception being the mobile phone games by Gameloft). From the trailer, it would seem Yuri Lowenthal will be taking up the voice acting mantle for Spider-Man. Spidey is wearing a new suit design which has a white spider symbol instead of the usual black. Furthermore, we can infer from the trailer that the various fights with the ‘Inner Demon’ lackeys point towards at least one of the main villains to be Mister Negative.

The upcoming Spider-Man game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.


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