The latest edition of EA’s NHL franchise, NHL 17, is set to introduce some new gameplay features to keep players invested in the hockey franchise.

The largest new addition to the game is the NHL version of the Ultimate Team mode seen in EA’s other sports franchise such as Fifa. The new mode will introduce synergies between players based on the athlete’s style of play rather than their country of origin as it has often been the case in the other EA sports games.

Another addition to the game is “The Draft Champions mode” which first appeared in the Madden series, which focuses on players pulling a team together and taking them all the way to the top. Other changes made to the game include the game’s “Be a GM mode” being turned into Franchise mode, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your team all the way down to arena relocations.

Full details on the new game modes and other information is available on the EA Sports website.

Are you excited for these new features to the NHL franchise? Or are you sticking with Fifa or Madden? Let us know in the comments below. As we learn more about that all the latest EA Sports titles, you’ll find it

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