Raising the maximum Light Level and offering a whole new host of Guardian-slaughtering challenges to overcome, the Rise of Iron Heroic Raid comes to Destiny in just a few short weeks. The harder version of the Wrath of the Machines raid introduced in Rise of Iron lands October 18.

Bumping the Light Level up to 400, the Heroic Raid will offer better gear and much tougher fights for anyone brave enough to tackle it. For anyone not familiar with past Heroic Raids, players also won’t be able to respawn during fights, making things just a little bit more interesting.

“Have you ventured deep below the Plaguelands to destroy Aksis? If you have not, there is still time to increase your Light, form up a dream team, and embark on the mission. If you have completed that mission, the truest test of teamwork and cunning is yet to come,” Bungie teases.

Destiny Rise of Iron Heroic Raid

As with every raid, the developer will once again be tracking teams, seeing who can claim world first when the raid goes live. “The next leg of the race begins in a few weeks. Mark your calendars. Rally your allies… When World First status hangs in the balance, the true final boss is the Fireteam that is one encounter ahead of you.”

Our Rise of Iron review praised the inventive, unique encounters of the Wrath of the Machines raid, citing not only the variety of mechanics, but also the range of aesthetics present in Destiny’s latest raid.

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