Overwatch was released a little over a week ago, and yet one dedicated fan has already reached level 100.

Twitch streamer FenderellaFK reached his goal after 92 hours of play. In an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit, FenderellaFK admitted that he played around 13 hours a day since the title went live on May 23rd. Out of the 21 heroes, he used Pharrah the most, logging in around 30 hours with her.

There were no in-game achievements for reaching level 100, but the player did receive a new portrait border. You can watch as he reaches level 100 on his Twitch archive. That particular session is 15 hours long, but you can skip to the 15th hour to watch the match that boosted him up to level 100.

FenderellaFK admitted that the most frustrating part about reaching level 100 was the incredibly small amount of legendary skins that he earned. He only received five skins, though two of them were purchased with the coins that he earned in-game.

Overwatch is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was recently announced that the title had reached the top of the U.K. sales chart during its debut week. Blizzard has announced that the game’s Competitive Play mode will release later this month.

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