Nintendo and Niantic revealed more details on the Pokemon GO Plus accessory during the second day of their E3 Treehouse live stream. Pokemon GO Plus is a Bluetooth device that will work with the upcoming Pokemon GO application for smart devices. The accessory will be available by the end of July for $34.99 at select retailers and online, according to Shigeru Miyamoto during the presentation. Players are not required to own Plus in order to play the standalone application.

Pokemon GO Plus allows players to keep their heads up while still playing the game. With the use of vibrations and colors codes, you can play GO without having to look at your smart phone. When the device is green that means a Pokemon is near. Press the button, and you’ll attempt to catch the creature with a pokeball. If your device flashes a rainbow color that indicates a success, while red means failure. It was also mentioned that the device will even allow you to collect items.

The official release date of base app has yet to be revealed but is expected by the end of July and before Pokemon Go Plus launches.

Nintendo also teased connectivity between GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon will release on  November 18, 2016. 

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